In exchange for feelings at the cost of scars, the joy of feelings is the return of scars. No one is tired of drinking water because of water, and no one abandons life because of the plainness of life. There are two thin lines in a blank. They appear from both ends of the far away. They leave a point on each other's bodies in a hurry, and then expand to the unlimited distance again. They will never return. The beginning of love may be utilization, deception, need or even revenge, but what does it matter? As long as it turns out to be love. The people who hurt you are either stronger or weaker than you. If he is weaker than you, forgive him; if he is stronger than you, forgive yourself. I can hear your footsteps from a thousand people passing by me, because the 999 people's feet are on the ground, only your footsteps are on my heart. I like you, but I dare not say; I am afraid to say, I will die; I am not afraid to die, but I am afraid to die, no one will like you as I do. Love what you have without what you love. The temperature of tears is 530 ℃, only because the outside world is too cold, when it comes out, it will drop to 53 ℃. Love a person is when dialing the phone suddenly don't know what to say, originally just want to listen to the familiar voice, really want to dial only a chord in my heart.